Four style sports shoes, enough for you to play for a whole year!

In the sound of the dog fashion circles, the form is often walking in front of the function, as comfortable? Should be very behind. In order to look good, fashion fine stepping on the blisters have to squeeze into the shoes to take pictures.

Fortunately, I do not know when to start, men’s street style back to the back of the fashion shoes fashion. Today, sports shoes brand creativity and the new speed Jiaoren amazing, the stars can wear sports shoes can set foot on the red carpet. Now men are finally in the middle of comfort and fashion to find a balance, this also spent a lot of RMB it In fact, as long as you four style shoes, you can solve almost all the daily with. Of course, the land can also be used in four styles of sports shoes filled with shoe.

“Little White Shoes”

Do not say this summer is the most in small white shoes, and it has been in for many years, please? In the early 20th century, Converse Chuck Taylor white canvas shoes come out to make a small white shoes fire. In 1965 Adidas for the tennis player Robert Haillet launched a low leather to help the small white shoes (more white than Chuck Taylor), really determine the status of small white shoes. This pair of shoes in 1971 into the famous Stan Smith, more than half a century, the magic Stan Smith every 10 years of fire once, is Adidas is the best-selling cash cow.

The essence of small white shoes is clean, minimalist, never out of date, with the up is also omnipotent. Jeans, casual pants with small white shoes, called a refreshing pleasing to the eye. Followed by wearing a suit, is another tidal range. Small white shoes must be white and clean to look good, Song Zhongji favorite DDGB small dirty shoes that is another matter. Decontamination brightener, white magic sponge, baking soda water, baby powder can make your little white shoes often wash often white.

Almost every brand in a small white shoes on a fishing, after all, this is the Sao men must. In addition to Stan Smith, the Common Projects Acne Studios, ETQ Amsterdam, Pierre Hardy, Raf Simons, Y-3, Maison Margiela, Valentino have launched a very nice little white shoes.

“Little Black Shoes”

Small white shoes rampant times need small black shoes to save tired eyes, blue jeans + black shoes fans of the fashion also have a drug (Sorry Nicholas Tse). With a small white shoes, like the classic wild never a little black shoes is also a little less squeamish, do not need to hold a small toothbrush brush non-stop. Even better, low-pitched little black shoes sneak into the office seems to have no problem.

Generally out of the small white shoes brand will be witty to launch small black shoes, like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and other sports brands have the level of the classic level of small black shoes. Which in the world are the most popular to the number of rapper Kanye West Kanye West launched the coconut shoes Adidas Yeezy, even the red and blue lights NMD can not take away its edge, the price rose do not say, even buy are difficult to buy The

Xiaobian found that there is another seemingly obediently suede black shoes are also a sense of brush, it is from the British designer Neil Barrett hand. Neil Barrett is born in the fashion family, graduated from the famous London St. Martin Design Institute, former design director of Gucci and Prada, lightning is his design is essential signature elements.

“A pedal”

“A pedal,” the originator is the skateboard brand Vans, in the 1960s took the lead in the introduction of shovels do not have the ultra-comfortable sports shoes Vans completely changed the traditional understanding of sports shoes, the original sports shoes can also no shoelaces, The original comfortable shoes can also be type. Everyone’s shoe cabinet needs a pair of “a pedal”, it makes you look both lazy and spirit, it is not only a lazy good partner, or summer shorts good partner, but also exposed ankle pants good partner.

Justin Bieber, who likes to play skateboards, has a lot of double “one pedal”, David Beckham’s eldest son Brooklyn and “super kill women” is the Vans black and white lattice “a pedal”, mature men are also inseparable “A pedal”. From the hundreds of pieces of power back, TOMS, Vans to thousands of pieces of Fendi, Balenciaga, SLP to choose from, but also know the aftermath of the men do not say that did not read this article ah

“running shoes”

If the bulky basketball shoes dominated the trend of the past sports shoes, 2016 back is running shoes. Lightweight, breathable, comfortable running shoes outstanding performance, in the “form is more important than the function” of the fashion circles firm footsteps. Now the running shoes is not only comfortable so simple, avant-garde fashion styling and color can match with any leisure after the work without any sense of leisure.

Foreign fashion website on the quarterly most praise the new shoes inventory, running shoes accounted for more than half, apparently running shoes has become an important shoe shoes in men’s shoes. Whether it is New Balance’s classic retro running shoes, or Nike, Adidas and other professional sports brand of science and technology running shoes, designers in the drawing of paper when the comfortable and stylish scales have long, so running shoes is not “Cock silk” and “old “Pronoun.

It was the running shoes that helped Athleisure (Athletic + Leisure) sport and leisure. Domestic and foreign men are wearing running shoes, not to go to the gym on the road, that is, “pretend” to the gym on the road, the Athleisure in the end. Even not good at running shoes fashion big Lanvin, Valentino, OAMC are competing out of similar shoes running shoes.

Men love shoes, like a woman love bag, right and proper Four style of sports shoes, so that men easily change type.