It does not matter that can’t grab the yeezy boost , inventory twin shoes most like yeezy boost for you

At the beginning of 2016, Kanye West and adidas jointly released the “Yeezy” series, the shoes model Yeezy 750 Boost and Yeezy 350 Boost. Although the sale of more than six months, can be hot did not have the slightest impact, whether it is online queuing to buy, or on-site sale, can see a large number of fans.

And Nike’s AIR YEEZY, although the official price is more than a thousand, can be fans of the favorable and cattle prices, the shoes have been fried to more than 7000, it can not help but ask, what is the shoes, so that people so Many people sought after?

First of all the soles of the Adidas is the signature technology BOOST soles, and integrated design of the preparation and the socks-style design to ensure that the permeability of the shoes while also enhancing the foot feel, texture, plus a touch of color left SPLY-350 words , Declared its identity. Most importantly, its design style makes the shoes can control any style of clothes.

See here you have no heart? Can not buy it, the following small tape with you look at those long and similar to the yeezy 350 boost can easily buy the shoes.

Adidas Tubular X

With the avant-garde appearance and highly acclaimed adidas Tubular X, has a lot of tricks of the color, and the design and use of yeezy 350 boost similar BOOST outsole, with the personality of the X-style shoes to do the support of shoes, engraved with the classic clover LOGO, Breathable mesh as the upper, to bring high-quality foot feeling.

Adidas Originals Tubular X
¥ 699.00
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Adidas Tubular Invader

The Tubular Invader, which has a glamorous reputation as a yeezy 350 boost, is a pair of cost-effective, fur-changing fabrics to create high-rise shoes and a combination of popular Tubular, with breathable mesh design for the toe and creative EVA tires In the end, quite a trace of fresh breath brought tide range children.

Adidas Tubular Invader Strap
¥ 398.00
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Sustained viral

And tube other series of shoes, Viral less a little avant-garde, replaced by simple and neat, made of neoprene rubber shoes with the middle of the elastic banding and both sides and heel suede stent to improve stability, low-profile lines embellishment , White rendering is very bright.

Adidas Originals Tubular Viral
¥ 568.00
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Tubular doom

Black warrior theme has been enduring, its charming charm is fascinating, this time to the new shoes continue this classic theme, delicate suede fabric texture delicate, the details of the wavy pattern dress is a careful plus, Playing in the tire texture of the rubber outsole, superior performance.

Adidas Originals Tubular Doom
¥ 898.00
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Full of industry

As the vanguard of the domestic trend of culture, this pair of shoes with similar AJ wrapped fabric, integrated Lycra fabric as the upper, EVA material at the end of the same can feel BOOST soft, turn the fur material and the upper part of the formation of contrast , No shoelaces semi-fixed design, full of personality.

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Reebok Furylite

Is still the classic black warrior series, smooth appearance, low-key shoes, although not Adidas so publicity, but also lose their own personality.

Reebok Furylite
¥ 199.00
Direct link

Nike kwazi

As Adidas’s rival, NIKE version of the yeezy 350 boost really gives a bright feeling, mesh fabric covering the entire uppers, to create lightweight shoes, and Velcro with the high with the match, there is a sense of avant-garde, worthy of the future The title of yeezy 350 boost.

Nike Kwazi
¥ 398.00
Direct link

Nike Air Trainer Victor Cruz

Cruze and Nike as a joint shoes, you can see a variety of elements into the NIKE shoes, although the appearance is not consistent with the yeezy 350 boost, but the reference

Nike Air Yeezy 2 classic elements, it can be said that this is a pair of Nike full of yeezy 350 boost shoes.


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